• FC-6000

    TOPCON Rugged Field computer comes 7” in sunlight readable display, INTEL Quad-Core Pentium N4200 processor, Win 10 Pro, camera & integrated LTE modem for Network RTK survey


    TOPCON Latest entry level Mobile field controller compactly design with Internal GPS, BT/Wifi/Cellular modem & 5M pixel camera


    TOPCON newly launched HIPER-VR GNSS comes packed with most Advanced GNSS technology, tracking All Signals, all Satellites, all constellation in a Compact & Rugged design body, integrated IMU & e-Compass compensating mis-levels by as much as 15 Degrees


    Powered by MAVinci, TOPCON Sirius PRO offers High accuracy in aerial mapping. Utilising TOPCON GNSS RTK, No need to spend time on collecting Ground Control Points, achieved high accuracy in areas that cannot be accessed, with Full post processing and evaluation software

  • Falcon 8

    The most frequently used features are implemented in the Mobile Ground Station firmware-enabling operation without
    the need for a PC in the field. Automatic compensations are made for heavy wind gusts or other events, which minimizes the need for pilot corrections


    The software solution that streamlines the workflow for surveyors, contractors, engineers and mapping professionals.

  • GR-5

    216 universal tracking channels, G3 tracking technology (GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO), Advance fence antenna Technology and dual hot-swappable batteries.


     Modern Hybrid Positioning technology with five unique data comms options, All signals, All satellites constellations tracking, field ready IP67 Design, ideal for mmGPS coupled with 9-Axis IMU and Ultra-Compact 3-Axis eCompass.

  • NET-G5

    As Leading Reference Station receiver, NET-G5 incorporates 452 channels capable of tracking Multi-frequency signals from all GNSS Constellations incl. GPS, GLONASS, SBAS, QZSS, GALILEO and BEIDOU.


    TOPCON TESLA has large 5.7" VGA colour touch-screen, handheld comfortable and is a direct cross-over from field controller. IP67 rating, 3.5G Cellular module (Optional), running on Win mobile 6.5.3 with Optional internal GPS of 2-5m accuracy.

  • SRL-35

    TOPCON Heavy duty UHF-II Radio configurable output of up to 35W, tunable from 403-473MHz, selectable channel spacing and compatible with existing TOPCON & 3rd Party radios, IP67, with auto prevention of overheating and Multi LCD user interface.

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