TOMAS Team of Service specialist provides full level of Service, calibration and lubrication of all TOPCON instrument as well as major competitors products. We provide on-site collection and return with FREE loan units. All TOMAS’s Sales engineers are trained to provide on-site technical advice & Product training.

Our Workshop is fully equipped with TOPCON Precise Collimators, Oscilloscope as well as full TOPCON Repair Tools for a comprehensive maintainance of your instrument. Instrument maintained by us has a history of long lasting lifespan and usage.

For emergency on site adjustment or application support which is commonly expected, all our sales staff are trained to assist and provide prompt attention to it.

TOMAS is fully supported by TOPCON Singapore Positioning Sales Private Limited who has been established in Singapore since 1979 in term of ready parts and accessories, which mean all major repairs, can be repaired in Singapore.

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