• DT-300

    Adopting Total Station premium body quality, DT-305L/DT-309GL Coaxial Laser aims up to 50m, suitable for both indoor & outdoor applications, such as pipe packing, external façade alignment, as well as interior marking of grid lines.


    MS is superbly designed for reliability in Real time monitoring for Structural / Deformation survey, Industrial measurement and First Order Survey where the demand for accuracies cannot be compromised, with available accuracies of up to 0.5 second.

  • RL-H5A

    RL-H5A was ruggedly designed with large operating range of up to 800m, be it levelling or slope setting, achieving grade precision of up to +/-1mm when LS-80L sensor is used

  • GM-50

    GM-50 comes on-board with SDR Construction & Application software, superb accuracy of +/- 1.5mm in Distance & 2 seconds in angle accuracy, 500m in Reflector less range, 50,000 Data memory, suitable for any Engineering & Traverse application

  • DELTA Solutions

    The Topcon Delta Solution is a complete monitoring package for construction, tunnel convergence, mining, dams and asset management

  • GM-100

    Construction and Survey Application Software On Board, Best-in-Class Measuring Distance Feature, Reliable Large Volume Internal Memory, Long-Hour Battery Operation, Strong Environmental Specification against Tough Sites

  • GT Series

    GT Series, The Next generation Geodetic Total Station… World’s Fastest, smallest, lightest & internet-connected Auto-Track & Robotic station

  • RL-SV2S

    TOPCON Latest Multi-purpose Construction laser with Super long range, automatic levelling & dual grade alignment, suitably design for both interior & external application

  • DL-501

    TOPCON World Highest Precision Digital level with accuracy of up to +/- 0.2mm, suitably designed for First Order levelling & Settlement monitoring

  • OS OnboardStation

    The OS is a professional grade compact total station. This new advanced design provides an on-board data collection interface, exclusive LongLink™ communication, and an incredibly powerful EDM

  • DL-500

    After focusing on the staff, just press one button. The DL-500 reads height and distance, and stores data. Digital technology eliminates misreading and reduces operator’s eye fatigue

  • AT-B Series

    The new AT-B series can focus on objects only 200 mm in front of the telescope, compared with previous models that provided 500 mm or 1m minimum focusing distances

  • DT-200/DT-200L

    The DT-200 series weathers any wet or dust conditions in the field, allowing for a more productive day during inclement weather


    The World’s most advanced professional grade lasers

  • LN-100

    Simple, one-touch layout for interior building infrastructure, footings and foundations

  • GLS-2000

    GLS-2000 laser scanner features an expanded field-of-view. The 350-meter eye-safe long range scanning technology and survey-grade accuracy reduces the amount of scan setups required on site, and integrated twin cameras ensure photography suitable for all levels of scan detail

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