Multi-purpose applications, be it for horizontal, sloping and vertical laser applications, Slope up to ±5% can be used in either the X or Y axis. Turn it on its side and use it for layout and alignment jobs. Bluetooth Laser Manager (App download) compatible for iOS and Android provides wireless remote control using a cell phone to adjust slope and check calibration, cutting the need of extra RC device.

  • GT-1200 / GT-600 Series

    Embedded with Smooth Drive Control TM New Motor Control technology, it enhances the Prism tracking speed, without compromising durability of the motor. Superb in Auto-Tracking when integrated with RC-5A Remote unit, as well, Auto-Aiming with simple “Trigger-button”; upgradable to Hybrid Positioning system, resulting in seamless switch from Robotic to GNSS or vice versa by further integrating with TOPCON HIPER GNSS

  • OS-200 Series

    High performance EDM in rapid & repeat measurements, pre-installed with latest intuitive MAGNET ® Field Onboard Surveying software coupled with convenient EDM trigger key, superb Reflector-less range of up to 1000m

  • LN-150

    Stripped away all Survey Terminology, the unit is made easy to set-up in auto-levelling mode, operable with Smart phone or tablet application for easy Control. Hands-free operation with Topcon Smart Glass, design suitable for diverse indoor and outdoor applications in both setting out or data collection of as-build. Multiple software options namely Magnet Field, Magnet construct and AUTODESK BIM 360 layout

  • GLS-2200

    Best fit for ICT construction, expanding various applications with Precise 3D point cloud data maintains accuracy. MAGNET Collage seamlessly connects 3D solution to the site. The MAGNET College 3D mass-data software supports processing, editing, exporting and integration of point-cloud data to rapidly create 3D models. In Floor Levelness Survey, using RITHM of Navisworks analyses laser scan data of wet or dry concrete to perform automatic FF/FL analysis and generates industry compliant reports in minutes, almost near real-time

  • GTL-1000

    provides a seamless work process from Layout to Data scan, Data process using Magnet Collage, and finally, Data verification using TOPCON CleaeEdge3D Verity, providing a simplified workflows all the way till as-build comparison with BIM design

  • DT-300

    Adopting Total Station premium body quality, DT-305L/DT-309GL Coaxial Laser aims up to 50m, suitable for both indoor & outdoor applications, such as pipe packing, external façade alignment, as well as interior marking of grid lines.


    MS is superbly designed for reliability in Real time monitoring for Structural / Deformation survey, Industrial measurement and First Order Survey where the demand for accuracies cannot be compromised, with available accuracies of up to 0.5 second.

  • RL-H5A

    RL-H5A was ruggedly designed with large operating range of up to 800m, be it levelling or slope setting, achieving grade precision of up to +/-1mm when LS-80L sensor is used

  • GM-50

    GM-50 comes on-board with SDR Construction & Application software, superb accuracy of +/- 1.5mm in Distance & 2 seconds in angle accuracy, 500m in Reflector less range, 50,000 Data memory, suitable for any Engineering & Traverse application

  • DELTA Solutions

    The Topcon Delta Solution is a complete monitoring package for construction, tunnel convergence, mining, dams and asset management

  • GM-100

    Construction and Survey Application Software On Board, Best-in-Class Measuring Distance Feature, Reliable Large Volume Internal Memory, Long-Hour Battery Operation, Strong Environmental Specification against Tough Sites

  • DL-501

    TOPCON World Highest Precision Digital level with accuracy of up to +/- 0.2mm, suitably designed for First Order levelling & Settlement monitoring

  • DL-500

    After focusing on the staff, just press one button. The DL-500 reads height and distance, and stores data. Digital technology eliminates misreading and reduces operator’s eye fatigue

  • AT-B Series

    The new AT-B series can focus on objects only 200 mm in front of the telescope, compared with previous models that provided 500 mm or 1m minimum focusing distances

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