• GPL-5

    5 Point Self-leveling alignment laser with an accuracy of 6mm in 30m.

  • DWM40L

    Precise work is now done up to ten times faster.

  • DNM60L

    Precise work is now done up to ten times faster.

  • DOBIY LDM-X Series 

    DOBIY LDM-X Series is a Basic distance meter with Multiple programs, up to 100M & Tilt function

  • DOBIY LDM-D200+ 

    DOBIY LDM-D200+ is a Professional Laser Distance Meter with Multiple programs, Tilt & Touch screen

Proudly distributed by TOMAS
  • M-GPC 

    Light-weight & custom design GNSS case improves mobility in the field

  • MG-2500S

    With tribrach set
    Pole 5/8"

  • M-1500G 

    precise sliding prism offers bigger angle of swing

  • MST-55

    Length: 5m/5sec
    Bubble: SA-60

  • RL-60

    For Poles

  • Survey Nails

    For concrete and asphalt

  • Survey Markers

    NO.2: D25 x d4 x L5
    NO.3: D45 x d7 x L10


    Using High Resolution Tilt Sensor allows quick & precision levelling, coupled with German OSRAM AQUA Green laser diode enhances brightness for speedy marking of both Interior & external architecture works

  • LP90

    Monitoring prism.

  • PP5

    Reflective sheet for TOPCON and all Japanese station.

  • TM-1

    Magnetic target with PP5.

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